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The enterprise mastered and implemented into manufacturing process high-tech methods of overhaul and restoration of aircraft equipment details and units.

Here are some of the mostly applied technological processes:

  • denotation, plasma and gas-flame coating with wear-resisting and sealing coats;
  • vacuum-condensation coating of turbine blades;
  • all types of electrodeposited coatings;
  • spark doping of the components with wolfram carbide;
  • welding in the chamber with controlled environment conditions;
  • laser soldering;
  • electric arc soldering of the strip ledges of blades with hollow cathode in vacuum.
Schenck, Wenzel, ÀÄÊ

During repair technological processes the following modern types of inspection are applied:

  • X-raying, dye penetrant inspection, luminescence, whirling current control, ultrasonic, magnafluex examination;
  • Material fine structure inspection by means of electronic microscopy;
  • Spectral and X-ray spectrum methods (for estimation of assemblies and aggregates functioning state using the wear debris in luboil).
The high quality of aviation equipment repair, its reliability in after-repair operation, moderate prices are achieved due to the highly skilled personnel, unique production powers and many year's repair experience.

Everything abovementioned as well as strict execution of contract obligations provides high competitive ability of the enterprise and a long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.
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