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Beside overhaul processes of AL-21F-3, AL-31F, RD-33, GTDE-117(-1) aircraft engines LRP "Motor" can perform the following services:

  • warranty and after-warranty services and maintenance of repaired equipment, servicing and exploitation technical assistance
  • theoretical and practical training of specialists in the field of aircraft engines and all the components aggregates overhaul on the basis of the Client's enterprise as well as Lutsk Repair Plant "Motor"

практическое обучение специалистов

  • spare parts manufacturing for repaired aircraft engines

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  • balancing of various machines rotors with the help of high-precision import equipment


  • measurement of units and details using three-dimensional measuring machine


Commercial production and services:

  • plating of commercial consumption products
  • repair of crankshafts for "Moskvich", "Zhiguli", "Volga" cars, as well as fuel pump repair (UTN-5, LSTN, ND-21, ND-22, KAMAZ, MAZ(6), MAZ(8), MAZ(12))
  • manufacturing and installment of aluminium and PVC windows and doors using high-precision equipment and materials of the leading European manufacturers

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