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The History of Lutsk Repair Plant "Motor"

Our enterprise was founded in Orel on August 18, 1938. There were 284 stationary aircraft repair workshops at that time. 485 aircrafts and 1640 engines were repaired in military unit workshops within three years before the World War II. In September, 1941 the enterprise moved to Balyanda, Saratov region and in February, 1942 it was transferred to Lipetsk. On the airfield where the workshops were situated the staff repaired the aircrafts that participated in combat operations at Stalingrad, Voronezh, Don, the 1-st, 2-nd Ukrainian and other battlefronts.

Repair technology of 11 aircraft types: ighting, assault and bomber aircrafts (including 9 various engine types) had been mastered by that time. All in all 985 aircrafts and 2490 engines were restored during the war years. In March, 1945 the enterprise moved to Lutsk where in January, 1946 the 223-th aircraft repair station was created on the basis of the workshops. VK-1A was the first jet engine, repair of which was being mastered in 1950-s.

Since 1961 overhaul processes of VD-7, RD-7M2 engines (M4 and Tu-22 aircrafts) has been performed.

In 1975 refurbishment technology for Al-21F-3 engine was implemented.

Since 1983 the enterprise overhauls Al-31F engine type.

Since 2004 overhaul of RD-33 has been performed.

In February, 1998 the enterprise was named The State Enterprise Lutsk Repair Plant "Motor".

The State Enterprise Lutsk Repair Plant "Motor" - is the leading enterprise of Ukraine and former USSR countries specializing in overhaul and maintenance of aircraft turbojet engines of the third and fourth generations.

Photo-history of plant "MOTOR"

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